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Vacation Florida Travel – Popular with Kids and Adults of All Ages


Florida travel is a popular option for singles, couples, seniors, and families alike. Fun and sun are cornerstones of the state. The state comes with hundreds of miles of beach within a short drive of anywhere in the state. Theme parks offer even more fun for those traveling to the middle of the state. The unique experience of Florida brings travelers from all over the globe. Many choose to stay at an all-inclusive resort to get everything for a low price. It is another way for people to find a resort that caters to their needs and desires.

What does Florida travel offer for guests? For those that choose to stay at an all-inclusive resort, their stay includes airfare, room, food, taxes, tips, etc. Many resorts offer tickets to theme parks or other local attraction. Some visitors choose to take their wallets out to experience top restaurants and nightlife found in so many areas of the state. When visiting Florida for the first time, many comment on the Latin flavor in both Miami and Tampa. Visitors should not leave the state without experiencing one of the Cuban restaurants found on just about any corner. If Cuban doesn’t pique your interest, food from Puerto Rico and Jamaica offer their special flavors as well. This is one way to get close to Florida life.

Florida travel gives visitors a taste of life in the Sunshine State. In the southern tip of the state, Key West is a mix of bohemia and Caribbean in one package. Further north, alligators, and tropical birds greet those visitors brave enough to take a tour of the Everglades. As you travel more north, you find the theme parks that stretch from Orlando to Tampa. A bit further north on the east coast come the Kennedy Space Center along with St. Augustine. Beaches are found a short distance from anywhere in the state. These beaches make great places for families to play and couples to romance. Sunrises on the east coast and sunsets on the west coast are truly spectacular.

From LAX to Orlando, by plane, it is just over 2200 miles. With Florida travel, many visitors report the sun, sand, and surf are a world away. They get to leave the daily commute and daily grind behind. They get to experience leisure and relaxation in the mean time. The only question to answer is when is your next vacation?